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The Droidspirit GPS Tracker is the equivalent to the CrimeSceneTracker. It has
exactly the same functionality like CrimeSceneTracker, but is published with a different name and some different graphics for the private sector.

You need to capture interesting places and share with to others?

Then use the Droidspirit GPS Tracker!

Save gps coordinates, take photos and make descriptions for your places. Share it with others who can use your places to navigate to the desired locations.

The concept of the app is to configure everything in an individuall structure that fits your special needs.

Please take 5 minutes of your time to read the visualized user manual before using the Droidspirit GPS
Tracker. You will find more information about this issue in the dialogue when starting the app
the first time.

Manual as PDF to download:


Example for Usage:

You are a company which delivers customers with propane gas? But your drivers often
have problems finding the relevant propane tanks at the demanded location?

Just use the Doidspirit GPS Tracker and collect all data about customers and the related propane
tanks and allocate GPS-coordinates, photos and description to the tanks.

If you have captured data you can use the following features:

✔ Show the propane tanks in Google Maps and get an overview
✔ Generate PDF-files with all necessary information
✔ CSV-Export
✔ Share collected Date with other users via the integrated export- and import
function or generate backups
✔ Navigation out of the app through GoogleNavigation to the desired location

The opportunities for usage are unlimited:

✔ Places of accidents & order numbers
✔ Customers & gas tanks
✔ Geocaching & locations
✔ Farmer & Growing areas
✔ And many more

Please note:

The app is free to use. In the free version you can create 6 customer, to each customer 6 gastank and for each gastank 2 photos. To unlock the full functionality you should use the purchase option within the app (inAppBilling). After purchasing the app, the funcionallity is fully available and there is no advertising displayed anymore.

Declaration on the permissions:

The Droidspirit GPS Tracker determined coordinates via the GPS module and the mobile Internet / Wi-Fi:




The collected data are shown in Google Maps:


To buy the app, we use inAppBilling:


On the SD card, Zip files are stored by the Export function and images from the camera:


All data that you collect in the Crime Scene Tracker are only stored locally on your smartphone/tablet. Never will your data be sent to a third party, not stored on any server, not evaluated or published.

The Droidspirit GPS Tracker is improved constantly. We appreciate your Feedback!
Questions, proposals, bugs or critics: please contact


You will get an immediate response!

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