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"DTalker Keiko" is a high quality Japanese speech synthesis engine that complies with the standard Android TTS.

In Japanese speech synthesis engine to read accurate, was characterized by a natural intonation and articulation, etc. have been widely used in the Mac and Windows.

Because it is made as a standard Android TTS engine, you can take advantage of high-quality voice applications using standard TTS.
For example, we offer very useful features such as voice guidance feature Maps or Navigation.
Then, the compatibility has become an indispensable tool Talkback well with screen reader for visually impaired users.

In addition to use as a standard TTS, it can be used as a voice of the "Document Talker for Android", "Document Talker for Android demo", please use with here.

In order to install the product, you will need 35MB of space on the SD card.

2012/11/08 V1.0.0

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