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User feedback has been incorporated into updates since July 2011.
Early Bird Alarm is a highly useful and reliable alarm application.

# Features
@ End alarms with a QR code or barcode
@ End alarms using the voice recognition function
@ Set alarms on random days
@ Set photos to be displayed on the alarm screen
@ View your schedule and the weather and temperature when your alarm goes off
@ Convenient alarm timer

QR Code
Place the QR code that has been set in your bathroom. The QR code must be read to end the alarm when it goes off.
This function is for those who tend to switch off the alarm and go back to sleep as they must get up and move to end the alarm.

Voice Recognition
Set a message for the voice recognition function. Say the message clearly to end the alarm.
Famous quotes are included as default messages and can help you get a motivating start to your day.

Date Settings
Select dates on the calendar that you want the alarm to go off on. This function is recommended to those who work in 3 shifts (e.g. nurses, etc).

# Functions
Alarm Settings
- Can be set in detail
- Set the alarm to go off on set dates
- Record and use sounds as alarm sounds
- Use mp3 files as alarm sounds
- Add photos to the alarm screen
- View the weather and temperature on the alarm screen
- View your schedule on the alarm screen
Effective Alarm End Modes
- Voice recognition
- QR code recognition
- Basic clock function
- View the weather and temperature
- View your schedule
- Jog interface

Early Bird Alarm was awarded the Silver Prize at the SKT Global Apps Contest.
It was also selected by the Korea Productivity Center to receive global app distribution support.
Tell us about the functions you'd like to be added to Early Bird Alarm.
We'll get back to your suggestions and add the functions you suggest if possible.

It is our wish to create the world's best alarm application :)

Use Early Bird Alarm to become an Early Bird!

How to Use

* Network connection is required to use the voice recognition function. Say the set message clearly and slowly.
* QR codes are read better than barcodes. Sufficient light is required for reading codes.

Permissions Used in This App
+ Camera permission for QR code capture

+ Network and GPS permission for Google Map and Google Weather API

+ Calendar permission for schedule display

+ Permission used for alarm saving and alarm background saving:

+ Permission used for recording alarm sounds:

+ Permission used for alarm vibration:

+ Permission used for unlocking the screen:

+ Permission used to start Early Bird Alarm upon phone reboot:

+ Permission used for adjusting screen brightness in Clock Mode:

+ The following permissions are required in the advertisement framework.

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