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Easy Silencer - Ringer volume's review


Easy Silence provides a handy way to manage the ringer volume on your mobile device

  • Innovative
  • User-friendly interface
  • Home screen widgets
  • Useful app
  • Response when adjusting the equalizer

"Silence... only when you need it"

It's annoying when the phone starts ringing while you are on important meetings because you forgot to enable silent mode. Likewise, it's even more annoying missing an important call because you forgot to disable it back. Despite it all, you couldn't find a way to avoid that happening.

Until now.

Easy Silencer provides an intuitive way to adjust the ringer volume and adapt it to your routine. Guess how? By drawing! It comes with a sort of equalizer in which each bar is one hour (from 0 to 24). You can swipe up and down to adjust the volume for specific hours and weekdays.

In addition, you can use the "Quick Silence" tool to silence your smartphone 15', 30', 60'. Of course, you can add more time to the countdown just by taping again and cancel it whenever you want. That's a perfect tool for meetings that you don't know exactly how long will take.

Since the "Quick Silence" tool requires your interaction with the app, Easy Silencer includes two home screen widget (2x1 and 1x1) to enable/disable it quickly. The default countdown in the widget and the notifications can be customized from settings.

In a nutshell, Easy Silencer sets an innovative way to adapt the ringer volume of your smartphone to your daily routines. Helpful app.

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