Make your own GPS-based Android application FREE!

EGMaps is the system used for all Exploration Guides map-based apps, and now we've opened it up for everyone else to use. It's free, it's easy, and it doesn't even require any programming skills.

EGMaps is a shared Android mapping engine, built on Google Maps 2.0, designed to allow Exploration Guides, and other app builders, to easily include complex map features and data in other apps, including points of interest, routes, trails, real-time turn by turn directions, and much, much more. EGMaps includes all the map and location programming, so the calling app can focus on the data.

By itself, EGMaps doesn't do much more than Google Maps itself (although you do get location information, tracking for your car, etc). It's really built to be run by other apps, including all Exploration Guides map-based apps v2.0 and above.

Want to make your own apps using the EGMaps engine? Check out for more information.


A few years ago, we were looking for a way to easily upload our GPS data to set up an app for our users. Unfortunately, there weren't any. We ended up writing our own, and have used it for the last couple years for our own map-based apps.

Fast-forward to the present, and a full app rewrite. This time, though, we did it it differently. Instead of designing individual apps which were all self-contained, we wrote EGMaps. Instead of writing it just for our own use, though, we're opening it up to the public! The app we wanted a few years back is now a reality and, later this year, we'll be opening it up to the public. Anyone who wants to use EGMaps will be able to use it, free of charge, full-featured, and with minimal programming skills (and we're working to reduce that to no programming skills).

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