Electrical Tools & Reference



Electrical software for your mobile device or tablet. Electrical Tools & Reference is a multi-functional electrical app which includes necessary tools, calculators and reference charts for electricians. This version supports the BS 7671 amendment 3 update 2015.

► Watts, Amps & Volts Calculator
► kVA, kW & Power Factor Calculator
► Max Zs Values - 100% & temperature adjusted values
► Zs values for RCD's in TT earthing systems calculator
► REC Ze Values
► PFC Calculator
► Calculators for single and three phase calculations
► Full Cable Size Calculator (Pro Version) for flat twin & earth, 70oC PVC/SWA, 90oC XLPE/SWA, and singles
► Volt drop calculator
► Main Earthing & Bonding Conductor Size Calculators
► CPC Size Calculator
► Adiabatic Equation

► Cable Rating Charts
► (SWA) Steel Wire Armour Gland Pack Sizes Chart
► (SWA) Steel Wire Armour Cleat Sizes Chart
► (SPD) Surge Protection Chart
► Maximum Permitted RCD Trip Times for RCD's and Time Delay RCD's Chart
► Bathroom Zones
► Reference Methods
► Cable Types
► Type of Wiring
► EICR Frequency of Inspections Chart
► EICR Observation Code Examples
► SWA Armour Copper Equivalent Size Chart
► Resistance Per Meter Cable Charts

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