Electronics Toolkit



Provides a useful interface for calculating unknown quantities in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering. Current features include:

Resistor colour codes - tells you the resistance, tolerance, upper and lower values, and E-series information for any colour-coded resistor.

Ohm's Law and Power Calculator - Finds any unknown quantity in terms of voltage, current, resistance and power dissipation for any omhic component.

Series/Parallel Value Calculator. Finds the total value for any series or parallel combination of resistors, capacitors, or inductors. The calculator can also find an individual value given the value for the whole combination.

Reactance Finder - Calculates the reactance of any capacitor or inductor from the circuit frequency.

Power Triangle - Calculates real, apparent, and reactive power dissipation as well as impedance phase angle in any electrical system.

Resistivity - Finds the resistance of any wire or prism from its dimensions and resistivity, or vice versa.

Magnetic Fields - Finds the force that acts on a conductor in a magnetic field.

Capacitors - Finds the charge and energy stored in a capacitor.

Many more electrical utilities coming soon, with regular updates. Plus, NO ADS.

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