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    The Must-Have Emergency App.

    Quickly flash "HELP!" or "CAUTION" or "STOP!" in bright eye-catching pulses.

    Stranded? Dead battery? Flat tire? Accident? Every second counts when you need help. Whether on the road or at home, make yourself more visible to police, EMS, fire trucks, and tow trucks.

    Accidents can happen anywhere and natural disasters occur all the time. Better and safer than standing in the street waving your arms, a flashing signal never gets tired and can be seen from long distances even at night.

    EMERGENCY FLASHER HD can flag down assistance when you need it most. Simply touch screen to flash faster!

    - Help emergency and roadside services pinpoint your location
    - Alert traffic to your presence or road hazards
    - Great for motorists, bicyclists, hikers, skiers, dog walkers, runners etc.
    - Ideal for low visibility situations - nighttime, bad weather, parking lots
    - Works on multiple devices and screen sizes
    - Simple, easy to use app with no ads or banners

    Warning: Not intended to supersede or replace calls to 911.
    Requires Android 2.3+.
    Requires Adobe AIR (free). Download AIR by searching for AIR, or use this link to install:
    (you may want to do this before installing EMERGENCY FLASHER HD)

    * You'll be glad you have EMERGENCY FLASHER HD . . .

    - In case of: disabled car, out of gas, flat tire, engine trouble, locked out, key missing, battery dead, accident, overheating
    - When stranded on the: road, highway, freeway, street, without an LED flashlight
    - When requesting help using an emergency service such as: AAA (triple A or any Automobile Association), AAA
    AAA Roadside, AAA Discounts, AAA TripTik Mobile, AAA National or OnStar® or ChevyStar® or the AA, RAC, Green Flag, GEM, BMW Roadside Assistance
    OnStar, or, RESCU®, VEMS®, Ford SYNC, MyFord Touch, Kia UVO®, Autonational Rescue
    - When you need to guide help to your: home, house, condo, office, high-rise, or building
    - When you are: in danger, needing assistance, needing to signal help, facing death, caught in a serious emergency, needing police, fire, ambulance, or EMS; senior; lost; hurt with broken bones or loss of blood; stranded, wanting rescuers to see you after you call for help; cautioning anyone approaching after dark (e.g., other drivers in fog, smoke, or blinding snow), better than an LED flashlight or LED torch
    - If you are a: motorist, bike rider, bicycle or motorcycle rider; off-road vehicle, RV, ATV, truck, or big rig driver; hiker, skier, snowboarder, fisherman, hunter; rock climber, dog walker, boater; picnicker, paint ball, beach lover, sports player
    - Extreme weather: earthquake; avalanche; brush, forest, or house fire; flood, tsunami, mudslide, river overflow or levy break; hurricane, cyclone, tornado, twister, dust storm, gale; torrential snow; rain, blizzard, hail, sleet, ice storm; heavy fog or marine layer; power failure
    - People who should have Emergency Flasher, paramedic, fireman, doctor, EMT, medical professional; needing to evacuate, escape a wildfire, survive a quake; calling for first aid, medical aid, sending out an SOS or mayday call to a first responder
    - If you are caught in a: crash, breakdown, pot hole, fender bender, rear ended, collision; broken down car, scooter, motorbike; crashed due to bad brakes; head-on collision; critical condition; call 911, beacon from your location; Tiny Flashlight + LED flashlight in your emergency kit

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