Emoticon Dictionary((o(^o^)o))


Emoticon Dictionary((o(^o^)o))'s review


Emoticon Dictionary lets you look up and send that perfect emoticon

  • Emoticons saved to clipboard
  • Quite easy to use
  • A lot of emoticons to search for
  • Spams notifications
  • Tricky to use social networks

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"Look up and send new emoticons"


According to an old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. An emoticon usually has a more singular meaning, with a happy face showing that you’re feeling pretty good. But as more emoticons come out, users can tend to lose track of what they might mean. Looking to provide users with even more emoticons, including ASCII text, IO Inc. Tools has released the Emoticon Dictionary, so that both Android and iOS users can use an even wider range of emoticons. All you need to do tap to search and use emoticons.


Since emoticons are saved to the clipboard, you can use them in messengers or via e-mail. Using this app is quite easy to do. It also contains a large list of emoticons. Long taps let you send emoticon tweets.


Depending on your device, Emoticon Dictionary may spam you with notifications. The Twitter and Facebook login system is far too tricky and may not function correctly.

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by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Dec 23, 2015

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