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"Encrypt Messages" is simple and small app to encrypt your messages in inbox.

This app provides double protection to your messages. Firstly this app is protected by password, so only those who knows the password can access this app and secondly the one-time "key" used to encrypt/decrypt the messages. So it is very difficult for other user to decrypt the encrypted message unless they know the password or the key.

This app uses "AES" algorithm for encryption/decryption. While encrypting the messages, this app appends *some* text and uses "AES" algorithm which makes difficult for anyone to decrypt the (encrypted)messages.

Once you login into the app, it shows how many messages requires encryption and how many requires decryption.

1. Install the app and login with password (default password is "admin", you can change the password).
2. Go to 'Settings' tab and enter the "key" with atleast 16 character long. Note that, enter the key which can be easily remembered.
3. Click on "Encrypt Messages" button to encrypt the messages in inbox.

To Decrypt,
4. Enter into the app by giving the password and click "Decrypt Messages".

NOTE: This app directly updates the content of SMS so use it carefully.

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