Encryption sentence



3rd series simple tool!

It is a very simple text encryption tool.
On your Android, you do not add a little useful function?

Ciphertext is created enter the text you want to encrypt, and push the button encryption.
In addition to being automatically copied to the clipboard, you can also send an e-mail or messenger application Line, and skype.

Using the various ciphertext!
For example ...
- I'll take a note to encrypt important.
• Do not want to be seen by others, to exchange a secret e-mail.
• As a tool of secret code among friends only.

If you want to decrypt the ciphertext, you press the restore button Paste the ciphertext ciphertext column.

[Features of Simple Series]
We have to minimize the application size Memory · CPU usage by one without unnecessary animation., To simplify the graphic function.

There is no screen. Titles, run screen will be displayed immediately.
You can use immediately when needed.

I have a multi-lingual 3.. (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)

※ (such as the loss of the ciphertext, encryption is broken), here is not responsible for any problems that may be caused by the use of this app. Please use your understanding on the above.

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