Energy Saver




    Experience the fun of power-saving by this ""Energy Saver"" app.
    One touch to turn the energy-saving mode ON/OFF.

    When the battery is low, press the ""Energy Saving"" button to start energy-saving mode. In this mode, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS locator, background lights, mute/vibration mode and synchronization will be turned OFF so that to achieve the goal of energy-saving easily.

    To minimize the battery consumption in the simplest operation and enjoy your life with the smartphone in the longest time! !
    * ""One-touch recovery"", touch the ""Energy Saving"" button, you can easily turn ON/OFF energy-saving mode. When exiting the energy-saving mode, the phone will be restored to the state before the energy-saving mode is turned on.
    ■ Function
    * Display the remaining battery.
    * Batch manage the settings of WIFI, Bluetooth, orientation measurement GPS, backlight, sound mode and synchronization, energy-saving can be easily achieved.
    * Customize the saving mode.
    * Through the rational use of battery, you can monitor the status of smartphone battery better.
    * Three kinds of unique templates.
    * The two different kinds of widget styles. No need to start the app, simply touch the button on the desktop, energy-saving mode will be started immediately.
    * The energy-saving mode will automatically turn ON when the energy remains 20%.

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