Engineer Companion Pro



Engineer Companion is a suite of tools for engineers, researchers, students...

Included in the Pro version compared to free version:
- no ads (less permissions)
- user defined units
- cross-multiplication module

Engineer Companion contains:
- periodic table of the elements. (Mendeleiev classification table) including detailled informations (atomic weight, radius, electronic configuration, crystal structure, thermodynamical properties...)
- unit converter (length, surface/area, volume, force, heat capacity, speed/velocity, time, volume flow, energy/torque,heat conductivity, acceleration, mass, mass flow, power, cinematic viscosity, angle, inertia, concentration/density, temperature, dynamic viscosity, angular velocity/frequency, molecular concentration, illuminance, pressure/stress, radiation, angular acceleration, memory, magnetic flux, fuel consumption/fuel economy/CO2 emissions)
- list of most frequently used constants
- exhaustive list of constants
- explanation of STP,NTP,SATP, normal or standard temperature and pressure conditions.
- quick cross-multiplication module

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