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Engineer Companion is a suite of tools for engineers, researchers, students... all people that pratice engineering activities, computation, computational sciences, physicians, chemists, biologists... in the industry, at school, at university, at laboratory, everywhere you might need it!

I am also engineer, that is why I have made this app not only for me but also for you!
People from aeronautics, automotive, textile industries already use it.

READ_PHONE_STATE permission is needed by Admob (Google) for displaying ads in this app but not used by me! Pro version does not need these permissions.

First start of the app may take up to 10 seconds.
The running of the app needs also Adobe Air.

Engineer Companion contains:
- periodic table of the elements. (Mendeleiev classification table) including detailled informations (atomic weight, radius, electronic configuration, crystal structure, thermodynamical properties...)
- unit converter (length, surface/area, volume, force, heat capacity, speed/velocity, time, volume flow, energy/torque,heat conductivity, acceleration, mass, mass flow, power, cinematic viscosity, angle, inertia, concentration/density, temperature, dynamic viscosity, angular velocity/frequency, molecular concentration, illuminance, pressure/stress, radiation, angular acceleration, memory, magnetic flux, fuel consumption/fuel economy/CO2 emissions, textile units, tex)
- list of most frequently used constants
- explanation of STP,NTP,SATP, normal or standard temperature and pressure conditions.

Upgrade to Pro version for:
- no ads (this means also less permissions)
- user defined units for each category
- extended definition of user units in the user defined category
- quick cross-multiplication module

Thanks to Daniel Freeman for its MadComponents

Please report new units that you would like to be integrated in the next version.
Please report errors or suggestions! Thanks.

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