With the EntryCode app, you can save entry codes for places you visit. The next time you approach the same location, the app will present the code for you. You'll get it when you need it!

The app shows your nearby entry codes in a list. To see entry codes from locations further away, move the slider right. To narrow the search, move the slider left.

Add entry codes by simply type a new code in the text field at the bottom. You don't store the address or information on what the code is for. Remove a code from the list by long pressing it and select remove.

The accuracy of your position is shown in the upper right corner. If the accuracy is bad, the it's displayed with red color. Then the list will be inaccurate. Wait a few seconds and hope for a position with better accuracy. Don't store any new entry codes if the accuracy is bad.


The entry codes you save are not encrypted and anyone who uses your phone can see them. Never store sensitive entry codes in this app and be sure to lock your phone.

This app uses the Fine Location permission to get your position via GPS, and the Internet permission to get your position via network. The app does not send any data from or to your phone.

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