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Euler – named after the famous 18'th century mathematician and physicist – is a 40 digits precision scientific calculator.
It covers the normal mathematical functions:

- four basic operations of arithmetic (“+”, “-”, “*”, “/”)
- trigonometry (“cos”, “sin”, “tan”, “acos”, “asin”, “atan”)
- hyperbolic functions (“cosh”, “sinh”, “tanh”, “acosh”, “asinh”, “atanh”)
- logarithms and exponentials (“log”, “ln”, “10^x”, “e^x”)
- roots and powers (“√x”, ”3√x”, “y√x”, “x^2”, ”x^3”, “x^y”)
- factorials/gamma-function, reciprocal value, change sign, absolute value,
percentage, integer part, fractional part, integer-division, modulus,
conversion between degrees:minutes:seconds and degrees
(“x!”, “1/x”, “+/-”, “|x|”, “%”, “int”, “fract”, “div” and “mod”, “deg”, “dms”)
- constants “e” and “pi”

Memory-function (clear “MC”, read “MR”, store “MS” and add-to “M+”) is supported alongside parenthesis (“(“, “)”). Input and output in scientific format is also supported (“exp”, “F-E”). Unit-conversion may be accessed though the option-menu.

Some users have had difficulties finding specific functions. The trick is to understand meaning of the “inv”- (“inverse”) and “2nd”-keys (“second functionality”).
The following gives a short overview over where to find functions:

- “Neutral” (neither “inv” and “2nd” activated): “10^x”, “e^x”, “sin”, “cos”, “tan”, “x^y”, “x^3”, “x^2”, “pi”, “1/x”
- “inv”-activated: “log”, “ln”, “asin”, “acos”, “atan”, “y√x”, “3√x”, “√x”, “pi”, “1/x”
- “2nd”-activated: “dms”, “int”, “sinh”, “cosh”, “tanh”, “div”, “|x|”, “x!”, “e”, “%”
- both “inv” and “2nd”-activated: “deg”, “fract”, “asinh”, “acosh”, “atanh”, “mod”, “|x|“, “x!”, “e”, “%”

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