EventUp’s mobile App can help you develop a sharp tool to keep your accounts portfolio happy by delivering to your clients their own dedicated app.

    EventUp’s backend platform, Greenroom, takes its name from the venue which accommodates actors before entering the stage to perform. Indeed, EventUp GreenRoom is a dedicated website that enables you to manage all the information related to your upcoming event, before the curtain call. The backend platform will let create the ‘database’ that feeds the modules of your App.

    Your Event in 5 Features
    Show off your event prowess and connect the App with the value of consumers through:
    ** NEWS: engage your end users with cutting edge news;
    ** SESSIONS & FAVS: let the event attendees schedule the conference by giving detailed info on each session and allowing them to select their favorites;
    ** SPEAKERS: ever been to a conference and later wanted to contact one of the speakers? Worry no more: with a detailed bio and contact info you won’t need to stuff your agenda with business cards;
    ** EXHIBITORS: looking for a particular company to discuss business? We have it covered: with a glimpse you can scroll thru the exhibitors list and find the right location to meet your peers;
    ** INFO: all the details your end users need to schedule their attendance: maps and directions, nearby venues and recommendations. A full blown solution in a compact package!