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De-motivational, uninspiring, insulting and downright MEAN (but funny) Fortune Teller! Definitely Not your parent's Fortune Teller! (For no ads, download the PRO Version).

THE EVIL FORTUNE TELLER: Funny Insults, put-downs, voodoo, hexes, and just plain bad mojo! But wait.. there's more... your own personal un-lucky lottery numbers! (it's not like you'll ever win anyways!)
If you like Cards Against Humanity, you will probably like this app!
The Evil Fortune Teller is great for parties & to pass around among friends!!! Rude, crude and brutally honest.. The Evil Fortune Teller sees all, and says the things others won't! Go ahead, give it a try!! I double-dog dare you!!!!

Subjects include:
funny insults
Put Downs
bad pick up lines
de motivation
and more!

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