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APERTURE LABORATORIES proudly presents eXperience Pro.

The eXperience Pro application implements an innovative cross-device and cross-kernel tweak framework which offers a convenient modular approach for Android customizations and tweaks.

With this powerful and exciting new tool users will be able to apply various tweaks on-the-fly and independent of the running kernel. This application will put users in the position to run their favorite tweaks on whichever kernel they prefer without having to convince the corresponding kernel devs to include it. Thus by cutting out the middleman, this app will empower the users and give them a greater control about customization of their devices. Also this software will open up the world of Android tweaking for users that prefer to run the stock kernel.

Try my free eXperience Test app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=aperture.ezekeel.experiencetest) first to check whether the device and currently running kernel is compatible with the tweak framework employed in eXperience Pro.

Currently over 110 different devices and hardware models are supported. See https://gist.github.com/Ezekeel/5473853#file-experience-pro-supported-devices for a detailed list of all supported devices. If your device is not on the list download my free eXperience Test app which can collect the necessary device-dependent data (no personal information) and send it to the author via email conveniently in one button press.

Currently implemented tweak modules:
* Touchwake (all devices): When the screen times out (NOT manual lock with power button) one can simply touch the screen to activate it which is much more convenient than pressing the power button - especially great for tablets.
* Music Control (all devices): Control the music playback with the volume buttons. Long press of the volume up button skips to the next song, long press of the volume down button skips back to the previous song (or rewinds the currently playing song). Simultaneous long press of both volume buttons pauses the song or continues playback when paused.
* CPUfreq Control (all devices): Adjust the minimum and maximum CPU frequency step.
* CPU Control (only devices marked with [1]): Add and remove CPU frequency steps and adjust the voltages for the different CPU frequency steps.
* Volume Control (only devices marked with [2]): Adjust the output volume of the headphones and device internal speaker and the input volume of the camcorder and handset microphones.

You can also get this app on Android Pit which accepts Paypal and other payment options: http://www.androidpit.com/en/android/market/apps/app/aperture.ezekeel.experiencepro/eXperience-Pro

*** This application is ONLY for the devices on the list above and you will need root access. ***

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