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* One time purchase, lifetime free support and update, guaranteed to work or your money back.
* Pickup-and-hangup to block voicemail works on Lollipop.
* Enterprise license and solution available, ideal for managing company owned phones, email dev for detail.
* Parental control upgrade available for additional fee, remotely monitor kid's phone activities and edit call and message blocking list, email dev for detail.
* Please email dev for any problem, no email will be ignored.

User's Manual

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Call Blocking Modes
* Send to voice mail: blocked call goes straight to your voicemail.
* Pickup-and-hang up: prevent the caller from leaving you any voice mail.
* Mute only: only mute the ringtone on your side.
* Allow call but no voicemail: allow call to ring as normal but no voicemail allowed.
* Block outgoing calls: block outgoing call to a particular number.

Message Blocking Modes
* Erased: blocked message erased permanently, not recoverable.
* Saved in block log: blocked message saved in the log, can be viewed/edited/replied later.
* Hidden in private: blocked message hidden in private mailbox, can only be accessed with password (MMS support is coming).
* Auto response only: send auto response only, do not block messages.
* Forward: forward message to another number (MMS support is coming ).
* Content filtering: message can be filtered based on content.

Customize Blocking List
* Blacklist: easiest way to block a number, add it to the blacklist and select a blocking mode.
* White list: for numbers you don't want to be blocked.
* Profile: build a blocking profiles and add as many numbers as you want to the profile, ideal for blocking a lot of numbers in the same way.
* Group blocking: block an entire Google contact group.
* Area code blocking: use wildcard to block an entire area code, or all numbers contain the same pattern.

Schedule Blocking
* Timers: blacklist supports timers, set your blocking to start and end at a particular time during a particular day or days.
* Calendars: profile and group blocking support calendar scheduleing, set your blocking to start and end according to your Google calendar.

Private Message Vault
* MMS support coming in next release.
* Password protected.
* Hidden entry to private message box.
* Support remote clear to erase all messages remotely.
* Automatic time out.
* Calls to/from private numbers automatically erased from call log.

DoNotDisturb Widget
* Quickly turn on the do not disturb mode to block all calls .
* Support send to voicemail, hang up or mute call during donotdisturb period.
* Option to include white list numbers also when in the do not disturb mode.

Other Features
* Password protected.
* Invisible mode, remove app icon from your app list.
* Support blocking of UNKNOWN,PRIVATE or RESTRICTED calls.
* One-click option to block all numbers not in your contact.
* Support sending auto response text messages to blocked calls or messages.
* Support wildcard * and ? matching of phone numbers.
* Support backup and restore to/from SD card or Dropbox.
* Automatically erase blocked calls from your call log.
* Blocking history log stores all blocked call and message info.

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