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The EzBrzy Homework Planner will assist students to easily and quickly record homework information for a class by allowing the assignment reminder to be entered in only a few seconds by only pushing 3 buttons after opening the application. Users can optionally go back to record details about the assignment if needed. When the application is loaded the main screen will be a simple list of assignments and details of each assignment can be accessed with one click. The assignment list view will be the applications most convenient features, allowing the student to view the majority of their assignments in one glance.

The default description for any homework entry will be “class name” + “homework”, with the “class name” being dynamic. This feature will make it easy to choose in three easy steps, “Add Assignment”, “Select Course”, and then “Save”. Then when the student has time, details can be added into the application regarding the assignment. From experience, a simple reminder of what classes you have homework in will do since many instructors host a website with assignments listed that you can reference for complete details. This is just one of the ways that the application is customizing itself to the true needs of a student.

If the student chooses to set up courses beforehand, which is recommended, then the default time due and date due can be set. This will make it again simpler when entering assignments.

An “Other Reminders” tab will be provided to allow the student to keep personal or work tasks separate from homework assignments to keep things organized. When chosen, just like the “Assignments Tab”, a list of tasks will be displayed and each can be accessed for details.

The EzBrzy Homework Planner is different from other homework planner applications because it is very simple and does not include any unnecessary features that clutter the screen space. Future versions will implement an alarm that alerts you that homework is due, so keep your eyes open for updates!

We hope you enjoy using this app and find it very useful. We welcome your feedback also!

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