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    The Ezio onMobile OTP (One Time Password) generator it’s a complete solution being compliant to the OATH standard, which provides support to multiple tokens and authentication methods organized in the form of a catalog.
    The Ezio onMobile provides total security on transactions performed between companies and its clients accompanying the global tendency of convergence and mobility.
    The Ezio onMobile works just like a regular hardware key ring type token, but with way more practical features, just like:
    • Dismiss the physical token acquisition need
    • Posses an anti-cloning mechanism, which makes the copy of the token to another device impossible
    • Token safe download, which blocks the data capture by an attacking person
    • The clock synchronization occurs in the authentication server, eliminating any possibility of attack on the token synchronization.
    • Features an access password which doesn’t allows malicious token visualization.
    • Supports multiple companies administration organizing them by catalogs in a single application
    • Supports multiple tokens by company

    Supports multiple authentication methods per methods, that being:
    • OATH OTP Time Based
    • OATH OTP Event Based
    • OCRA (OATH Challenge Response Authentication)

    The token downloading process is very fast and simple; It’s made through the “Tools Module”, where is also performed the token activation and synchronization when necessary.
    In order to download the token, the user loads the application and after performing the login process selects the “Add Token” on the menu. The application will request the serial number and the activation code, which may be obtained through the “Tools Module”. The cell phone then starts a connection with the server which is made by a secure channel in order to receive the token.

    Once the token download is concluded, the user must activate it by informing two consecutive OTPs as requested on the “Tools Module”. Once the token is activated the user’s electronic resources are protected by the solution.
    The “Tools Module” and the “Ezio Authentication Server” (OTP authentication server), are solutions available for companies that uses the Ezio solution to protect their electronic resources.

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