F1 Position Widget




    It is a call history widgets position like a F1.
    Time gap from call history displays the latest.

    ・Please be placed on the home screen from the size of Q1, Q2, Q3.
     Q1 : 16(size 2x3)
    Q2 : 10(size 2x2)
    Q3 : 5(size 2x1)

    ・Call history is displayed when you click the widget.
    You can make a call from the list.

    If the character size of the widget is not correct, please adjust from.
    Incoming call history list -> Setting -> TextSize
    ※You may character size does not fit properly in the layout size of the mobile phone's screen, depending on the home application you use.
    ※May not be reflected when you adjust the font size by some Android version.
    Please re-place the widget if the character size is not reflected.
    ※It does not work and move to the SD card because it is widget app.

    User image of the incoming call history list does not display information about previous version of Android4.0.
    It is due to the old version.