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Do you have a special preference for several apps? Which app do you used most in your android mobile phone? The music player or the video player of some game programs? But not all programs can placed on your mobile phone. Because there is not enough place for them and some apps do not have the functions of adding widgets! But now, we have a free app named Fast Click can help you add nine apps on this application and the app icon will appeared everywhere. That is to say, you just need open this icon and you can enter the nine apps directly and smoothly!
The other great function of this app is you can add keys function to this app too! Now days almost all people use a touch screen mobile phone, but sometime the app keys may not responsive enough for all management! In other words, you can add "back" "menu" "search" and many other key function to the free app icon! And when you use our application, you can fulfill the function of keys directly! It is very useful when the key buttons are disable or unresponsive!

1.Start the app, you can see an icon appeared on the screen. No matter what page you enter, the icon will stay on screen!
2.Choose boot receiver or not.
3.Press the first setting button, you can set something about this icon.
Icon size---transparency---long press hint.
3.Press the second setting button, you can set which apps the nine buttons correspond!
Click one button, you can choose apps or keys or set none.
It will scan all apps on your mobile phone and show you a list.
4.After setting, you can click the icon and make their functions.
5.There are four buttons under the home page:
---Setting button help you active your screen and you screen will never be locked!
---Supply button can take you to Google Play page. If you have any words what to say, please send me gmail or make comments on website!
---About button can offer you many free apps that developed by us. Hope you love them too!

It is a very conveniently app for all people. No matter what you are doing with your mobile phone, you can enter other app directly. If you like take photos, you can add camera to this app! If you often listen music with phone, you can add mp3 music player to it. Do not worry about the icon will effect you watching the screens, because you can change the size and transparency of the icon.
The most great thing, you can also add keys to it. When you can not use menu button to manage your phone, you can use our app! It is really practical in daily life. Why don't you install and have a try?
This free app is ad supported . The ads help us create and maintain these free apps for you. Please, respect the developer work. If you don't like notification ads or icon ads, you can just uninstall the app. for uninstall, uncheck this app on Settings → Location and security → Select device administrators.

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