Faster Charger



Faster Charger
Tired of waiting for hours for your smartphone's battery to charge. Why waste electricity?Now you can charge faster than before with Faster Charger. This manages the voltage levels on your phone enabling faster charge
Upto 15-30% faster than other apps on Google Play.
Also shows notification when charging. Keep this app running when charging the phone.

Supports devices ranging from Android Gingerbread to Lollipop

1. Veryy good app It charged my phone from 4% to 10% in less than 30 seconds, and my phone is a slow at charging. With this it went faster. Thanks very much

2. Charging so fast!!!! Super used to take 2.5 hrs but now only 1hr 45 mins good improvement

3. FAST CHARGE!!!! Wow charges very fast

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