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Please read the instructions below on how to install, enable, and use. Keyboards aren't as "plug and play" as normal apps and require a bit of setup before you can use them, so if you're having trouble, please email me (bbrennan.labs@gmail.com) for support before rating.


A new concept for touch screen keyboards. Easy to learn and use, particularly for anyone who has trouble typing accurately with the tiny touch-screen QWERTY keyboards. It also has a much more natural feel than touch-screen QWERTY keyboards.

I found that after using this keyboard for a week or so I could type with about the same speed as on touch-screen QWERTY, and with far more accuracy.

Typing comes fairly naturally. You'll find a 3x3 grid of keys, with characters in the center of the keys and on their edges.
To type a character in the center of a key, tap that key
To type a character in between two keys, slide from one key to the next, in either direction.
To type a character on the edge of the grid, slide from the key it's touching to the key on the opposite side of the grid.

To enable the keyboard, go to Settings->Language and Keyboard and make sure "Fat Fingers Keyboard" is enabled. You can then choose it as your input method by long-pressing any text area or by going to Settings->Language and Keyboard->Select input method.

Failed installs, bug reports, and suggestions: please email me with your device name and version number at bobby.brennan@gmail.com

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