FaultFixers is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you report issues in the buildings you use. We provide a fast and efficient way to manage maintenance issues in your workplace. Inform the building manager simply and quickly when something goes wrong – keep updated on progress –get told when its fixed. Simply scan a Location Tag QR code with our app, see issues which have already been reported, add your voice to request resolution, add new issues. FaultFixers App integrates with our Web-based dashboard for Building Managers.

Your Workplace. Made Better.

Key Features:
• Building Managers use our web-based dashboard to define buildings and the locations within these.
• The dashboard generates QR code Location Tags to place around the buildings.
• Building users use our app to scan the QR code to report issues.
• Instant recognition of your location
• See details of previously reported outstanding issues.
• Add your voice to outstanding requests.
• Provide clear details of the issue together with a photo.
• Get feedback on progress.
• You’ll be told when the issue is resolved.
• Sign up for building alerts for the buildings you visit regularly – the Building Manager can broadcast important news and updates direct to your device.

FaultFixers is free to download and use for Building Users.

Visit our home page at www.faultfixers.com for more details

Report. Resolve. Review. Here are some of the benefits of using the FaultFixers system:
• See quickly if your issue has already been reported
• REPORT new issues in less than one minute
• Provide accurate location data by scanning our Location Tag
• Add detailed information and provide a photo of the issue
• Building Operatives get detailed information ahead of visiting the location so they can be more proactive to help RESOLVE the issue
• Building Users get feedback on progress and are told when the issue is resolved
• Get broadcast alerts for the buildings you visit regularly
• Building Managers can REVIEW issues with detailed statistics
• Check contractors perform well and manage them to Service Level Agreement SLAs.
• Deliver service improvements and benefit from cost savings.
• To get the most out of the FaultFixers system, put location tags in all of the rooms and areas in your buildings. Have your colleagues download it on all of the devices that they use.

FaultFixers is available for: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Web Dashboard Supports : Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer

Learn more: http://www.faultfixers.com

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