FCS Scanner



This app (available in German and English) scans your smartphone or tablet and supplies you with detailed hardware and software information:

Device, Model, Manufacturer, Hardware, Software, CPU ABI, Operating System, OS Version, OS Codename, OS SDK, Kernel, Kernel Version, Culture (Lang/Country)

Serial number, Android ID, Phone ID, Device Name

Screen Size, Density DPI, Logical Density, Font Scaling Density, Pixel per Inch X/Y

IMEI (or MEID), IMEI Software version, Phone No, Registered Country, Operator Name, Phone Type, SIM Serial No, Voice Mail No, Subscriber ID, Mobile/Roaming Enabled, IP-, WLAN-, MAC- and Bluetooth-Address

Processor, BogoMIPS, Features, CPU implementer, CPU architecture, CPU variant, CPU part, CPU revision, Hardware, Revision, Serial No

Total RAM, Available RAM, Threshold RAM, Internal Storage, External Storage

Picture Size, Mega Pixel, Preview Size, Picture Format, Max Zoom

Sensors (List):
Sensor Name, Manufacturer, Version

Applications (List):
App name, App version, Package name, Install date, Update date

All data can be sent by mail in xml format. For an exact identification of every mobile: the name of the file attached contains the inventory number, if there is one, or the Serial Number otherwise. Thus you can do a professional inventory for multiple phones or tablets!

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