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Femtocells are small personal cellular mobile basestations installed in homes and connected to your broadband connection to improve your indoor cell phone coverage.

Most cell phones are unable to indicate when they are on the Femtocell.

This Widget detects Femtocells by looking at the Location Area Code (LAC) received by the mobile. The range of LAC used is different for each operator so set this to the values you see when you know you are on a Femto Cell.

The app has NO banners and NO ads.
Only works for 2G GSM or 3G UMTS phones

- Notification icon which changes to show
2G/3G or Femtocell even when widget
is not visible
- Audio notification for 2G, 3G or Femtocell
- vibrate when widget updated

Home Screen Widget
- Display battery status
- Large easy to read
- Shows basestation information such as:
2G, 3G, Femtocell or Airplane mode
Cell ID and Location Area Code (LAC)
- widget refresh period between 1 sec and 30s
- updates can be always or only when screen on

Information and Logs
- tap widget for phone,app and log information
- logs up to 100 network reselections
- export phone,app and log information

Femtocell Detection
- Customisable LAC range for Femtocell detection
- Detects either 2G or 3G Femtocells (not CDMA)

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