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    We always download file from internet, or move file from camera or other devices to our mobile phone. With too many files on your mobile, do you know what file in it in deed and what's their formats and what other filed do they contain. If you do not know your mobile files well. You need a file browser now. File browser is a free app used on android mobile to tell you what files on your mobile. With it, you can know your mobile container better. And when you download other file from internet, you can know which folder does it should be putted.
    It is not only a file browser but also a file manager. You can use it to rename, copy, move, delete and so on! If you think your files are too disorder, you can use the manage function to make them in order.
    1.See all file in your mobile phone (includes the file taken by your mobile and the files in SD cards).
    2.Open the file directly with suit app on your mobile. For example, you can open the flash video with video player on your mobile.
    3.Manage the file like copy, delete, cut and so on. It is as convenient as on computer.
    4.Refresh the page after manage.
    5.Return to home page directly.
    6.Create new folder in the page you opened.
    7.Exit the app directly.
    8.You can see the file name, format in the file list.
    9.On the top of the app, you can see the file path in your mobile.

    How to use it to manage file?
    1.Short pres can open it directly.
    2.Long press can appear a manage page includes five choices like rename, delete, move and so on.
    3.Press the shortcuts of your mobile, you can see four choices.
    You can return to home page.
    Refresh the page.
    Creat a new folder.
    Exit directly.

    A file manager or file browser is a computer program which provides a user interface to work with file systems. The most common operations performed on files are: create, open, view, print, play, edit, rename, move, copy, delete, search or find, and modify file attributes or name, properties and file permissions. File is typically displayed in a hierarchy. Some file managers contain features that inspired by web browsers, including forward and back navigational buttons.

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