File Encryption



Do you want to protect the private files in your mobile phone? Such as photos and videos.

This application provides you a way to protect your privacy, so that no one could you see your privacy in your phone by accident.

The mechanism of this tool is:
1. It will encrypt your files by a mathematic algorithm. Then original file will be deleted. The encrypted file will be put into folder /mnt/sdcard/FileEncryption/Enc/. The name and file type will be kept unchanged. Due to the encryption, this file cannot be opened correctly any more.
2. If you want to recover the file, just decrypt it. The decrypted file will be saved into folder /mnt/sdcard/FileEncryption/Dec/

Two ways to encrypt/decrypt:
1. Choose a file, long press on it. In the popped up menu, please select encrypt/decrypt.
2. Or press multi-selection button, choose several files that you want to encrypt/decrypt. Press the encrypt/decrypt button. (This makes you could encrypt/decrypt a batch of files in one time)

Since this application is based on an open source file manager, it will provide many other functions about file handling, such as copy/paste/delete/email/zip/unzip and so on.

New features under development: add password protection, add directory encryption

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