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File Expert HD - File Manager's review


A well-designed and fully-featured file manager for Android with all the options you might need

  • Excellent design and usability
  • Built-in app management
  • Cloud storage
  • Easy to use
  • Extra features
  • You have to install plugins to connect to cloud storage services

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"File management made easy... and beautiful"


File Expert With Clouds is a helpful, clean tool that is used to organize the files on your device. This file manager allows you to keep control of everything that you keep on your mobile phone so you can find whatever you need, when you need it.

First of all, be sure to give permissions to File Expert in order to be able to use it correctly. Then, you can check out all the phone information by accessing the hamburger menu: take a look at the Storage (Flash Memory and Internal), access GCloud or include your own Network and view recently opened files, tags and the recycle bin. In addition, the app lets you browse through the different categories (Gallery, Music, Videos, Apps...) so you know at all times what you have.

As an extra, the app also includes three tools: Safebox (to store private files), Super Downloader (to create a list of download tasks) and FTP server (to connect your computer to your mobile device).

File Expert With Clouds is an amazing file manager that contains all the tools you might need. Undoubtedly, one of the best in the market.


The app has an excellent design and usability: you couldn't really ask for more. It's a comprehensive tool filled with interesting functions and works seamlessly.

You can easily access your files from Dropbox, One Drive and Google Drive as well.


We'd love to be able to uninstall the apps in batch. That's the one thing left to do.

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Your mobile device is, in fact, a small computer - that means its files and directories that can easily get messy, fast. Having a file manager's almost mandatory if you want to keep your device organized and smooth. GeekSoft has reinvented file management on mobile devices with File Expert With Clouds. Forget about boring and difficult-to-browse folder trees. File Expert With Clouds organizes your files and apps in preset categories, making it a snap to find, manage, and back them up in your favorite cloud storage service, all thanks to an intuitive interface.


Its non-geeky approach to file management on mobile devices is what makes File Expert with Clouds a must-have. Its revamped Material Design interface, its automatic file categorization, and the chance to backup files to GCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive are its most appealing features. However, it also includes extra tools such as large file analysis, app management, and expert advise through articles and how-tos.


You have to install plugins to connect to cloud storage services. That should be a built-in feature.

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