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You want to Exchange files between your smartphone, tablet, PC .. and just using your home Wi-Fi? You do not want to enter the IP addresses each time you use an application ? You want to have a fast access to a specific folder ? .. this application does it.

This application is a simple file manager (creation, deletion, modification, opening folders and files ..) but adds the network dimension. It allows you to transfer files between your various devices (smartphone, tablet, PC) using your home Wi-Fi network. Each device is represented by a 'View'.
You can, for example:

Add up to ten devices (eg : Phone, Tablet 7 inch, 10 inch Tablet, PC, ..)
Perform, from your phone, a file transfer between your PC and your tablet 10 inch.
Open on your phone a file located on your PC or on your tablet
Create, delete folders on your PC or tablet from your phone.
Copy, delete files from your PC, phone, tablet.
Navigate in the PC tree
Create a bookmark (quick access) to a folder
Etc. ..

FilePN (File Private Network) automatically searches the first 10 IP addresses provided by your Internet Box (x.x.x.1, x.x.x.2, ..x.x.x.10),. It might happen that these addresses are out of this range. No worry, you can to enter it manually. These addresses will be propagated automatically to the other device. FilePN saves the last 7 IP addresses entered manually.

FilePN consists of two components:
A component Android (tested on 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 4.0, 4.1). This version is free for one month, then if you want to make it definitive, install the Key (application : FilePNKey).

A component PC (Windows or Linux). This version is free and can be downloaded

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