This app tries to identify the file type using the "magic number" contained in the first few bytes (similar to the Linux utility with the same name).

In addition, clicking on a file opens it with the associated program.

File types:
7-zip archive data
Apple QuickTime movie
ASCII text
AVI data
bzip2 compressed data
ELF executable
EPUB ebook data
FLAC audio bitstream data
GIF image data
gzip compressed data
HTML document
IFF data
JPEG image data
Macromedia Flash data
Macromedia Flash Video
Matroska data
MPEG mp3 data
MPEG mp4 data
MS-DOS executable
MS-Office document
Ogg data
PC bitmap
PDF document
PNG image data
RAR archive data
RealMedia file
Standard MIDI data
TIFF image data
Tracker module
WAVE audio data
XML document text
zip archive data