Files provides easy and convenient ways to manage your SD card contents.

    - Clipboard, Bookmark and History manager;
    - Ability to install APK files ( );
    - Ability to find appropriate apps to open a file as an image/ plain text/ audio/ webpage or video…
    - Ability to notify your Media centre (Media library) that files on SD card have been changed. So after playing around with your files, you can have Media centre update itself;
    - Compatible with both phones and tablets;
    - Sends files via Bluetooth;
    - Sends files to other apps, and sends files as user's desired format (such as image, audio or video);
    - Supports calculating file checksum: CRC-32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512;
    - Protects access to the app by lock pattern ( );
    - Download manager: supports HTTP and HTTPS;
    - You can move the app to SD card if you want to;
    - Two built-in themes: Light and Dark;
    - And, no ads…

    Supported languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese.

    Check it out :-)

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    Bug reports: If you could, please send us the steps to reproduce the bug(s). Inside the app, you can find our e-mail shortcut by accessing "About us" page (menu > App settings > Information > About us). Hopefully that page will not have bug :-) Thank you.

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