filing (multi viewer & player)

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    You can browse multi files together like the filing.

    text, picture, music, video files of folder are to be listed.
    You can browse different format files on the same screen by "next" button.
    You can automatically switch(playback) the file you want to browse.
    You can select type of file format to the list.

    Support Format: txt, html, xml, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, webp(Android 4.0 or higher), m4v, mp4, m4a, mp3, 3g2, 3gp, midi, ogg, wave, aac

    [ How to use ]

    1. tap "Open" button (folder icon), open "Open Panel". select file or directory(folder).

    2. browse by tap list or by tap "prev"/ "next" button.

    next button (>>|): long tap: run slide show in descending order.

    prev button (|<<): long tap: run slide show in ascending order.

    settngs button: tap: open "Settings Panel", various settings can be changed.

    [ Settings Panel ]

    File Format Settings --- select file format to filing.

    Interval of Time --- select interval of slide show

    Audio / Video file --- enabled: playback of music/video file is interruped at time interval. disabled: wait until playback will be done.

    Looping --- if tap next button at the end of list, enabled: return to first of list. disabled: keep the end of list.

    Home Directory --- set to home directory(folder) on start up.

    File Name Type --- select file name type. 3 types (FULL PATH, FILE NAME, FILE NAME - NUMBER - EXTENSION).

    Font Color --- select font color.

    Font Size --- select font size.
    *font size setting is applied to browse by text viewer. not aplied to browse by web viewer.

    Background Color --- select background color.

    Credit -- reference of credit.

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