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MyPrecious™ is the most intuitive and useful Phone & Tablet Mobile Device Locator on Android

Find where ALL your mobile devices are located including phones, tablets, Bluetooth devices and cars*.

Simple steps for using the app:
1. Launch the App
2. Sign-up with credentials you have chosen or sign-in with credentials that you have used with your other phones/tablets
3. Watch the map for devices that are being tracked, click a device icon to see more details
4. Install the app on all your Android devices to make sure you never lose any of them

- Any phone or tablet that uses the app will show up on the apps map (as long as you use the same admin credentials)
- Any Bluetooth device you have used will automagically show up on the map at the location you stopped using it

★ Locate all your mobile devices including phones, tablets and Bluetooth devices even if they got stolen
✓After installing the app you can track your devices in 3 ways:
- From your device that has this app installed.
- From our website located at:
- Sending an SMS to the phone with the word "locate" will send the phone location to your Gmail account
- Sending an SMS to the phone with text "ringer on" will turn on the Ringer in case you put it on silent and you can't hear it
✓You can track any Bluetooth device including Tablets, headphones, laptops, cars and more…

★ Locate your family members and their devices
✓Want to know where your family members are located at all times ? , install the app on all their devices so you can feel safe knowing you can always find your husband, wife or children.
✓You have a lot of mobile devices in your household that you can’t keep track of? , Use our app to manage the location of all your mobile devices

★ Find where you parked your car
✓Forgot where you parked? , if your car has Bluetooth or you use a Bluetooth device in your car while driving just launch our app to see where you left your car
Note that if you left your car in a location that has no clear view of the sky the location might not be very accurate

★ Mobile devices are shown with their actual image (Beta)
✓Visual presentation of your tracked devices shortens the time you spend in our app

★ Use Augmented Reality to find your mobile device location (Available in the Pro Version)
✓Having trouble finding the device on the map ? , switch to Augmented Reality View to help you pin point where you left your device.

★ Temporarily disable your family members phone so you can get some needed Family Time!
✓ Send a text message (SMS) with the words "Family Time" to one or all of your family members that has this application to temporarily disable them for 1 minute

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Important Notes:
- "Wheres My Droid" or "Lookout" can help you locate your phone but we also help you track your tablet and Bluetooth devices
- The app has to be installed, prior to losing the phone!!!
- Phone or Tablet need to be online (have an internet connection) , with either mobile data connection or WIFI connected to be able to send it's location to our servers
If you want to track your tablet when it's not connected to WIFI , pair it with your phone (using bluetooth)
- For accurate location of your device , make sure your GPS and WIFI are on

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