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With this app you can troubleshoot and install FREE software tools for your Windows PC.

Examples of what the app can help you with:
- You suspect a virus.
- You have a virus on your computer.
- The pc startup slowly.
- The registry needs a cleanup.
- Your programs need to be patched (you don't know which program).
- Windows needs to be patched.
- You want to virus scan your pc with a diffrent program.
- You want to virus scan your pc with a bootable cd (linux cd).
- You want to remove a rootkit from your pc.
- You want to scan your pc for spyware programs.
- You need a url Filter & Parental Control program.
- You want to test your computers safety.
- Identify unknown threats by using smart commands.
- Email useful links to friends or customers that are in need.
- Send suspicious files to a site to se if its a known virus/spyware

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