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This tool help you to download the original Adobe® Flash® Player for Android from the Adobe® Archive Website to your SD Card and install it afterwards. With the Flash Player you are able to play Flash® Websites, SWF-Files and Video Streams.

Adobe® has removed the Flash® Player from Android "Play-Market", so the only way to get the Player ist from Adobe® archive website.

Flash® is registered trademarks of Adobe® Systems, Inc.

The App is free but financed by showing some Notification-Ads twice a week. The underlaying Ad-Library (Leadbolt) is detected by some Anti-Virus programs, but isn't dangerous.

Not any device supports flash per design. Many lowcost devices have to weak hardware and didn't support flash. In that cases the software will show you that message: "Sorry, your device didn't support Adobe Flash Player". In such cases please don't give bad rating in market => you need new hardware.

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