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*Unofficial - flash player installer for your Android device.

Install flash easily by tap button. Application not contains any .apk files but links only to official Adobe archive and unofficial XDA flash compiliation. Play flash games, watch movies, open flash sites.

Application is not breaking any copyrigth, it's link base to official .apk compilations from official Adobe site. Links are allowed. Flash isn't supported any more, you are installing .apk files on your risk.

1. Go to Settings > Applications > Check Unknow Sources
important to install it from Adobe archives and XDA compilation .apk
2. When downloading started you have Toast with comfirmation
3. Go to your notification bar and tap on installed file or go to your Download folder using file manager
4. Install it
5. You need also browser supporting flash, application have link to Firefox and Dolphin(recommended)
6. Install Dolphin Browser
7. Go to Dolphin Browser settings and turn on flash content
8. Congratulations ! You have flash on device!

Working even with Jelly Bean(from XDA compilation)!

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