Flashlight Morse Strobe PRO



Flashlight PRO, NO ADS

Flashlight - simple application with many functions (MORSE, STROBE, VIBRATION, HOTKEY) + WIDGET

When you turn on the flashlight will shine all the time,
even when the device is locked and the screen is turned off.

In application settings you can disable the use of LED, then the application will use the LCD screen as a source of light.


1. TORCH - uses a LED or screen as source of light - in the settings you can change the color of the glow of the screen.

2. MORSE - You can send / receive messages in Morse code with LED - the settings you can change the speed of transmission and enable the repetition,
and you can also turn off the LED (in application setting) and then the application will act as a translator MORSE-> TEXT, TEXT-> MORSE displaying anything on the screen,
In this mode, you can use the MANUAL MORSE.

3. STROBE - works like a strobe light using LED or LCD screen or BOTH
you can use special settings (light time and break time),
You can change the colors of the LCD screen for Strobe.
Button "Vibra start", works like a vibration, you can set the time turn on and time turn off.

4. HOTKEY - shortcuts to vibration, torches, LCD backlight:
Vibra const - constant vibration
Vibra int - intermittent vibration
Vibra touch - touch-vibration

Light const - works like a simple flashlight
Light int - flashing LED
Light touch - touch torch

Light const - works like a flashlight with constant backlight
Light int - flashing backlight
Light touch - screen lights when you touch it

For proper operation of the widget, the application should be installed on the device memory, not on the card.

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