Turns the lighting of your device with noise.
Ideal for activating the light when you wake up and you can´t see where your device.
It also has manual torch.

FLASHLIGHT AUTOMATIC ACTIVATION (on / off flashlight onf /off screen image)
1 - Set you want to control:

a) "WINDOW" - Turn on / off your screen with the image of a light bulb lit when receiving 4 consecutive slapping or popping

in 5 seconds ..
b) "FLASH" - Turn on / off the LED of your camera to receive 4 consecutive slapping or popping in 5 seconds.
c) Set "sensibility" to make your device more or less sensitive to your slapping / popping.
(To the left of all very sensible, right entirely insensitive)

2 - Click on the picture of the speaker on / off the lighting for sound

- Train a bar adjustment of sensitivity to not turn any sound but that will not cost you activate with your clicks or claps

(4 followed but paused in 5 seconds)
- The sensitivity of the devices is varied, if low the bar can be turned around with any sound.
- You can configure both simultaneously (screen (WINDOW) and Camera LED (FLASH)).
- Turn on even though your device is in sleep mode or locked.
- The application must be open to run, although the device is locked with the lock button or opening other applications ..
- Remember to keep the screen lit and LED consumes much battery chamber. It is advisable to keep connected to your charger

will be illuminating for a long time ..

- Ideal if you leave the phone in the dark while you sleep and you do not reach a light switch or not waking your device

from close and you see where it is.

 LED lights manually your camera by clicking on the image of the bulb.


a) Hardware controls - Record Audio / take pictures / record videos:
* No record or video or sound or pictures, are groups of permissions required for the function of the audio
b) System tools - prevent the phone from standby mode:
* Required to maintain the lighting all the time if the user prefers.
c) Flashlight control:
Basic function of the application

You agree permits for its operation.

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