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Simple calculator: Standard functions with memory. Ability to use BigDecimal for unlimited precision.

Base-N calculator: Standard functions, logical operators (AND,OR,XOR,NAND,NOR,XNOR,NOT,SHL,SHR,ROL,ROR), decimal, hexadecimal, octal, binary and arbitrary radix, precision options (8,16,32,64,128 bits).

Scientific calculator: Standard functions including:
* Output format simple, scientific or fixed-digit floating point numbers.
* Standard complex number functions.
* Constants.
* Variable list.
* Step execution.
* Statistic calculators (including deviation, sums etc) for both real and complex numbers.
* Undo/Redo.
* Trigonometry: sin, arcsin, sinh, arcsinh, cos, arccos, cosh, arccosh, tan, arctan, tanh, arctanh for both real and complex numbers, in DEG RAD or GRA. Also Polar <-> Rectangular conversions.
* Parentheses and nesting support.
* Fraction conversions.
* Power functions (pow, sqrt, x^y, log, log10, e^x), for both real and complex numbers.
* Permutations and Combinations for big integers.
* Other functions: invert, x!, hhmmss to decimal, absolute value (or magnitute for complex numbers or determinant for matrices).
* Matrix functions: Define a matrix (any dimensions), add,subtract, multiply, determinant, transform and invert.
* Vector functions: Define a vector (any dimensions), add, subtract, internal and external product.
* Integrals: Can integrate an expression by using known integration methods and given limits.
* Sums: Calculate sum of an expression
* Solver: Solves f(x) = 0 for expression using known solver methods.

Plotter: Can plot 2D functions using AndroidPlot.

Experimental functions:
* differentiation

Unimplemented functions (yet):
* complex arcsin/arccos/arctan and sinh cosh tanh.
* Solver methods.
* limits.
* 3D plotter.


* Apache Common Library - http://commons.apache.org/math/
* AndroidPlot - http://androidplot.com
* PayPal - http://www.paypal.com


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