Flit Keyboard Lite



Light weight soft keyboard to improve typing accuracy without rely on auto correction.

[This Lite version includes basic input but no additional feature, and is provided mainly for demonstrating the concept. Please check out the normal version if you like the idea.]

===What's new===
1. Support selecting a 2nd keyboard, can switch between 1st and 2nd keyboard with bottom-left button if 2nd keyboard is selected.
2. New small number-symbol keyboard to complement the small qwerty keyboard.
3. New user can get instructions on activating Flit Keyboard from app drawer icon.
(refer to changelog for other changes)

Using 4 to 8 big buttons with tap & slide typing approach, even big fingers can type on small device properly. And users will able to type without looking at the keyboard with some practice.

1. 8-buttons Full-QWERTY mode for all normal keyboard characters on ONE screen, including letters, numbers, symbols, AND directional cursor key.
2. 4-buttons letter-only Small-QWERTY mode for more screen space.

Please enable Flit Keyboard from Language settings after installed, and read the help messages from Flit Keyboard settings for usage and tips.

[Note: For any problem, please check out the FAQ in product website]

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