Float Clock



This is Clock application displayed as it has floated on other applications by overlay.

When start application, please slide a screen top and adjust the position of a battery display.
A position can also be numerically specified by "Input position" of Menu.
Size can be specified in"Input size" of Menu, and also scaling of it is possible in a multi-touch.

Image is used to the background by "Select image" of Menu .
When Image cannot be read or is not specified, the background color of Preference is used.

When horizontal length changes that a screen is longwise, it is displayed on the relative position from a reference position.
For example, it is fixable to the upper right side by setting to a "Right" and an "Top".

You can change
* Use float view
* Base position of horizontal and vertical
* Color of Number and Shadow
* Color of Background
* Distance of Shadow
* Display of date, year, day of week
* Japanese year
* Display of zero
* Draw one line
* 12 hour clock
* Use external font and font file name
* Color of Edit View
* Touch on off

- It operates since Android1.6.
- It is a confirmed operation by N-04C,SH-12C.

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