Fog Core



Fog Core provides an easy-use, highly encrypted virtual network within Wi-Fi spot.
It enables Fog-enabled apps share their data among Android devices in the same Wi-Fi spot.
It doesn't access any Internet servers, except for clock synchronization via NTP.

** You need Fog-enabled apps in order to use Fog Core capabilities. **

Fog Core requires following permissions:
- full Internet access
  to communicate with devices, synchronize clock via NTP, show ads
- view network state, view Wi-Fi state
  to inspect network status by itself
- change network connectivity, change Wi-Fi state
  to change network status by itself
- allow Wi-Fi multicast reception
  to discover devices
- modify/delete SD card contents
  to save received files/backups
- prevent device from sleeping
  to avoid unexpected disconnection
- Fog database access
  to access Fog Core system

Tags: allow wifi multicast reception , fog view

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