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Essential tools for airline pilots developed by an airline pilot!

NEW! Version 1.6 with Dangerous Goods Data January 2015


- Duty Time Calculation: Based on EU OPS Regulations, but all parameters can be modified. Includes extensions, split duty, rest time, and WOCL. Two databases, one for legal and one for contract rules.
- Dangerous Goods: Search by UN number, label or IMP code or for emergency drill codes. Displays general information about the various classes/divisions.
- Weather: Download METAR/TAF of large airports (search by ICAO or IATA code) worldwide. Maintain a list of favourite stations and retrieve Europe and US SIGMETs (requires internet access).
- Runway Condition Report Decoder
- Car Finder: A photo of the car or a location sign can be made and saved to find it in a parking lot or garage after a long-range flight. Additionally, the car position can be saved on a map and distance/direction to the car are displayed (requires location service).
- SNOWTAM Decoding Information
- Turbulence/Ice Group Decoder
- Crosswind Calculator
- Cold Temperature Altitude Correction
- Fuel Uplift: Calculate Block Fuel from uplift in liters and remaining fuel
- Tankering: Determine if tankering is possible and the corresponding limiting mass and margin.
- Fuel Check
- Point of Equal Time
- Holding Entry
- ICAO Radio Failure Procedures Information
- Add flight times for logbook pages

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