FoneHome is the best way to track and recover your lost or stolen phone. It combines a robust and powerful feature set with a simple, easy-to-use interface accessible from any computer or device with an Internet connection.

- Locate - See the location of your device on a map. Anytime. Anywhere.
* Lost Mode - Cause your device to send high-accuracy location updates once per minute
* Siren - Activate the siren and it will start playing, even if your device is on vibrate mode. You can even prevent bad guys from turning down the volume.
* Photo - Catch a thief in the act or just get some clues about where you left your device by taking a photo remotely using its camera (front or rear).
* Message - Leave a message for someone who finds your device so that they can contact you.
* Lock - Lock your device to prevent it from being used or tampered with until you recover it.
* Wipe - Erase sensitive data on your device so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Supports both internal flash and external SD wipe.
* Call Log - See who’s been using your device and who they have been calling by fetching the list of most recent calls.
* Hide - Prevent the app from appearing in the app drawer for a stealthy, undetectable installation.
* Periodic Location Updates - Have your device report its position at an interval you specify. If your device’s battery dies, you’ll be able to see its last known location.
* Remote Call - Have your device call another phone you have access to and listen in on your device for clues as to where it may be.
- Supports Multiple Devices - Track as many devices as you like, and have both Android and iOS devices under the same account.
- Uninstall Protection - Prevent the app from being uninstalled without your permission.
- SIM Notifications - Receive a notification if the SIM card in your device is changed, along with the new SIM card’s phone number and other details.

* = Available during your free trial period or with a paid FoneHome Pro subscription.

The FoneHome service has been refined over the years on the iOS platform and now supports the powerful feature set of the Android OS. CNET called FoneHome “an unbeatable bargain.” Yahoo News spotlighted FoneHome during their Safety Through Innovation moment.

Note: To uninstall, please open the Settings app -> Location & Security -> Select Device Administrators and uncheck FoneHome. If you have any other questions, visit our FAQ at

What makes FoneHome the best tracking app there is?
* Most comprehensive feature set available
* Incredibly simple and easy to use
* Negligible battery impact
* Fast command response times. Wait less. Do more.
* Secure - all communications between the app and our servers are encrypted
* All commands provide positive confirmation upon completion so you can be sure of their execution
* Take pictures of whoever has your phone
* Real-time location tracking
* Have your phone call you back to listen to where it is

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