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Tired of the boring fonts on your texts? Not anymore!!! with this font package you can change the font on Go SMS Pro, Chomp SMS, Handcent, Go Launcher, and Go Keyboard. This FREE version includes over 75 fonts!!! It includes any font imaginable, some even from famous movies/logos, including: The Terminator, Disney, Jurassic Park, Batman, Yahoo!, Judas Priest, A Bugs Life, The Twilight Series, Tron, Transformers, Spiderman, Smoke Letters, Pepsi, PacMan, Nightmare Before Christmas, Finding Nemo, My Chemical Romance, Kiss, and many others!

This app uses dialog ads, and push ads. If you do not like them, then you can opt out from SendDroid, or you can buy the pro version for only $0.99 Here:

1.) Open up your favorite text messenger. Either: Go SMS Pro, Handcent SMS, or chompSMS.
2.) Locate the 'Scan for font packages' feature. This will be located in the customization or style menu. Here are the specific paths:
Handcent SMS:
Menu => Settings => Custom style => 'Scan external font package'
Chomp SMS:
Menu => Settings => Customize Look => Custom Font Packs => 'Custom Font Packs'
Menu => Settings => Advanced => Appearance Settings => 'Scan font packages'
3.) Scan for font packages. Note: Sometimes it will not appear to detect them, but it has.
4.) Try to change a font. Change the package to 'Font SMS Package'. All of the fonts that you see in Font SMS Lite will be available to you there.
5.) Please consider re-rating our app, given its new capability to disable all SendDroid ads.
Now when we say 'entire phone', we mean to the extent that GO Launcher allows, which is pretty extensive. You will definitely have that customized feel after applying our fonts.
1.) If you are all about customizing your phone, then you probably already have the GO Launcher app. If not, you need to get this to apply our fonts to entire phone.
2.) Go to Menu => Preferences => Visual Settings => Font in GO Launcher.
3.) Now press the 'Scan font' button.
4.) Press the 'Select Font' feature. Our fonts are included in the package called 'Font SMS Package'. We hope you enjoy them. We personally think they look fantastic in GO Launcher.
Advanced Settings => Font Settings => Scan Fonts => Select Fonts
The fonts you see in Font SMS Lite will be available there.

We now have a premium version, called 'Font SMS Suite'. It currently has 170+ fonts in its library with hundreds more on the way.
Please remember to rate us based on how much you enjoy your new fonts in Go SMS Pro, Handcent SMS, or chompSMS. Also, before commenting/rating, remember that this application is 100% FREE and you can DISABLE ALL ADS by downloading the SendDroid Opt out app. Doesn't get better than that!

1.) When you switch a theme, sometimes you must reset the font you have chosen. Simply, change the font again. This is something the text messenger does, not Font SMS Lite.
2.) When in doubt, please email:, to work with the lead developer directly.

Please rate this app. Thank you.

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