Free Time Control




    Do you like cooking? As we all know, to make a delicious dish or Chinese food or cake, you should have a ssensibility to time. Only have a time limitation, you can make them delicious! No only food need a good control in time but also boiling things. if you what to boil good tea or coffee, you should control time well too! Free Time Control will be your best choice. It is a timer that offer you a prepare time and duration time. Compared with other application timer which just allow you countdown, this app also offer you a preparation time. So you can record time more accurate!

    All preparation time and duration time can be set by yourself. You can also set their using mode. If you choose Airplane Mode, you can play this app on mobile phone. You can use it to test your time sensibility.

    Let's get its functions in detail:
    1. Set a preparation and count down time.
    2. Start it and when the preparation time passed, it will make a sound to alarm you the time is starting.
    3. Press setting button, you can choose keep the screen on, airplane mood, silent mood or maximize Chime volume.
    4. When the count down is ended, the app will make a sound too. So you will not worry about missing the end time,
    5. There are four buttons under the page. With setting button, you can control how and when the screen locks;
    with supply button, you can offer me five stars or introduce to your friends to encourage us! If not, you can enter Google play page to tell me you suggestions or problems; with about button, you can install other free applications to your mobile phone. No matter media player, or horoscope app can be be downloaded here!

    It is a time control application and you can use it to record and count down time. It is useful in cooking, boiling and also play as a judgement. Of course, no matter you need a timer, you can open this free app to use it and it will never make mistakes and offer you the most accurate time! Do not worry about you can miss the time start and ending, because it can make a sound both in start time and last time. It will be your best choice, download it now. I bet you will love it!

    Free Time Control has ads in it and we get a few cents to support our developing. We mentain these free apps for you depending these ads. If you do not like notification ads or icon ads, you can uninstall it directlly. Please do not do harm things and hope you respect the working of our developers. I bet these ads are completely harmless and at no point do we collect or store any personal information! Thank you for your understanding.
    To make better user experience, we make a screen lock time to 1 min before the screen automatically turns off/locked. As we all know the origin delay time is too short, you can can not finish reading the words in this free app, it may be locked or become black. And you have to open it again which is really a trouble thing for us. Keep yje screen on or off many times may hurt your eyes and phone easily. If you active with SETTING button, you can avoid this problem. For uninstall, uncheck this app on Settings → Location and security → Select device administrators.